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This visa is granted to those who want to study in Israel in elementary and high schools, academic institutions, yeshivot and youth institutions of the Jewish Agency.

The visa is valid for up to one year and for multiple entrances and exits. Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel.

Please note: A minor will not be given a visa without the written consent of either parents or his legal guardian, signed by an attorney

The visa will be issued by the mission upon provision of the following:

  • A passport that is valid for at least one year, provided that their country has a diplomatic mission in the State of Israel. If there is no such mission in Israel, the passport must be valid for the entire period of studies and another six months beyond that time. The travel document should have at least 6 blank visa pages.
  • Two pictures 5 x 5 cm, white background, high quality. Click here for photo requirement.
  • Completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel. Click here to download Visa form.
  • Certification of acceptance for study at a recognized educational institution in Israel .including dates of beginning and ending of educational program.
  • Proof that the student has the financial means to pay for his studies and sustenance throughout his stay in Israel: (bank statements, proof of paying dormitories or place to live, proof of paying tuition, proof of allowance for expenses in israel).
  • Payment of the tuition fee if on partial or no scholarship.
  • Travel and medical insurance for the entire period
  • Flight itinerary.
  • VISA application fee of USD 26 + Handling fee of USD 22. Courier charges where applicable shall apply. Mode of payment is strictly cash.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable regardless whether the Visa is approved or not. This Applies to all Visa Categories.
  • No documents or Photos should be STAPLED or GLUED.