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Andrew Goodwin

From the moment we drove into the first national park we were greeted with wildlife. We didn't expect to see such sites so early into our drive, we look back now and smile, because that was merely a taste, the true sights were yet to come. And did they ever! Thanks to the uncanny skill and knowledge of our driver, we came face to face with the Big Five on ways we could never have imagined! Getting up close and personal with these wild creatures was something we thought you could only see on television. We have never been so happy to be wrong! Our guide used his vast experience to navigate the often hidden trails of these massive reserves to bring us many once in a lifetime sights. Simply breathtaking and beyond words.
Our trip was crafted and brought together with the team from Rickshaw Travels who will offer their knowledge and experience patiently as you plan and prepare this often overwhelming event. From our first contact right up until our return home, Rickshaw Travels' representatives were there to ensure everything went smooth and took away the worries and concerns that often come with planning and executing a trip like this far from your home. No need to worry, you're in good hands. Relax, enjoy and take in thing that most people can only see in magazine and on TV. 

Sandeep Mani

Defining new paradigm in hospitality industry by extending care and safety to ensure and enhance the level of coziness and satisfaction of their clients. It was remarkable experience with the itinerary programmed and the lodging arrangements has had made by Rickshaw Travels Limited during our blissful course of stay in magical Kenya. Nevertheless to mention it's the impeccable service catered by Ms. Illiyuna resulted a wonderful and exuberant holidays to me and my family. Availing this opportunity we express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Illiyuna for commitment and dedication while wishing her and Rickshaw Travels all great success to thrive new heights in their industry. 

Marie and Danielle

Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so very much for making my and Danielle's trip to Kenya so memorable. It was everything that I ever wanted and I have been wanting to travel to Kenya most of my life! I had very high expectations and every one of them was met. Wilson was absolutely terrific!! He was kind, funny, patient, incredibly knowledgeable and just a wonderful man.

I think the end of the trip was a bit panic stricken due to traffic and some unforeseen road accidents, but he got me to the airport on time. Danielle was incredibly nervous before the trip and in the end, she loved it every bit as much as I did.

We are even hoping to return to Kenya and hopefully Rwanda in five years. We will be calling on both you and Wilson for that trip!! Thanks again for an incredible trip. Thank you Illiyuna.


Steven Moss
Tanzania Safari

Thank you Rickshaw Safaris Canada for organizing our safari in Tanzania recently. Everything from first planning the trip to finally realizing it with my daughter was very well organized. Naz took care of everything we needed in conjunction with her colleagues in Tanzania.

Robbie, our guide, was exceptional, well organized and very knowledgeable. He was also very considerate and spoke English well.

On the whole, everything was great. Thank you Rickshaw.

Steven Moss


Dear Illiyuna ,

We are back from Dubai , it's quite nice experience to us , the arrangement was great especially Dessert Safari and Dhow dinner  , we missed the Dubai city tour as we were tired with Long flight and one hour and half waiting at Dubai international Airport .

No issue on the missed trip as we did go around and learn our way around Dubai via Metro's and Taxi ,which was also a great experience .

Was a pleasure having you organize the trip for us and we look forward for another one either in London or South Africa in October 2016 .



Angela and Frank

Dear Beena,

Thanks for your mail, we appreciate your phone calls and sedulous care. We really kept well and enjoyed the time in Health Village. Special thanks to the Rickshaw Caares and Rickshaw Travels team for the great advice to choose Health Village for our concrete demand.

Best regards, Angela & Frank

Bob & Drew

Hi Everyone,

Drew and I are back from our trip to Tanzania ....each and every one of you contributed to making it an adventure we will always remember. Thank you for your generosity, wisdom and friendship.

Warmest regards,

Bob & Drew



Tassia Catholic Primary School Staff
Mombasa, Kenya

We had a wonderful four day stay at Nyali Beach International Hotel and Spa. Before I go on, I must first appreciate the meticulous work done by Mr. Rikesh, Madam Iliyuna and Mr. Pillai of Rickshaw Travels in organizing the event. Their organization for us was wonderfully done that I didn’t have to break a sweat or worry much about it. Their work is worthy and commendable to any organization wishing to take its employees on a treat.

Our stay was wonderful, full of fun and bliss. We have visited many holiday resorts and hotels and I must admit that Nyali Beach Hotel and Resort rates among the best. If you plan to take your staff for holiday, you definitely need to get in touch with Rickshaw Travels for smooth and successful planning of an awesome tour!

Chhotu Rajwani

Hi Naz,

We were vey happy with the arrangements made by yourself and Rickshaw.  The Safari trip was the highlight of our East Africa visit and the driver Mike was very resourceful, knew his information very well and extremely friendly.   Thank you for making our trip so memorable.


Chhotu Rajwani

Lucas Dey
Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar

Good morning all,

I am very pleased to contact you back again to thank you for all the arrangements during my stay in Tanzania. I had a wonderful experience together with my family and I can say that it has all come out as expected and according to the schedule and expectations. 

We were very lucky with the weather and most of the animals have smiled for our cameras. Sisty has been a great company and has a great trained eye to catch those things that are hard to see if not used to. Zanzibar completed our stay with a perfect relaxing environment. 

Thank you very much Jennifer and Lavina for all this coordination and Aziz for his first introduction to you and his excellent drivers.

I am once again leaving Tanzania with an another good experience to tell and happy to be here again soon!

Cheers and thank you all!