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5 Outbound Travel Destinations to Visit in 2022

It’s time to pack your bags and head out to another country for a holiday. Don't you agree?
UNWTO reports that international tourism is expected to continue its gradual recovery in 2022. As of March, 12 destinations had no COVID-19-related restrictions in place, and an increasing number of destinations were easing or lifting travel restrictions.
This has put back confidence in international travel, and, after months of staying inbound, the time has come to board that flight and head out for an international holiday.
Here are our six top outbound travel destinations for this year.


This land-locked country located south of Africa has a lot to offer. Spend ten days enjoying the Delta safari experience. This safari is for anyone who enjoys a remote safari adventure. You’ll surely get to spot a big population of the brown and spotted hyenas and the endangered African wild dog. Also, with more than 400 bird species recorded, the safari experience is a haven for bird enthusiasts.
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You can’t plan your trip to Zambia without witnessing the majestic Victoria Falls. This awe-aspiring wonder of the world forms a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Spend three days discovering this beautiful curtain of falling water from the Zambian side, enjoying an evening of a sunset cruise with your loved one or the whole family.
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When it comes to Dubai, you are spoilt for choice. From the must-experience Desert safari and the amazing amusement parks to shopping malls, this is one destination that will let you fully indulge in your holiday.
Spend four days with your family visiting the most popular and must-see excursions around Dubai, a full day tour around Abu Dhabi, and much more.
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There is a lot to be discovered in this Holy Land. 
Spend eight days taking walking tours in the most picturesque alleys of old, fortified towns, driving to the archaeological ruins and ancient cities, sailing on the Sea of Galilee and taking in the breathtaking views of the Dead Sea.
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Famed for its ancient civilisation, Egypt makes a thrilling country to visit. Each of its cities, carries a unique story, from the monuments of the great pharaohs to museums, which hold a fascinating history of the country. 
Spend four nights cruising River Nile, making stops to discover famous temples and ancient cities. And, another four days in Cairo admiring masterpieces of ancient artefacts and antiquities in The Egyptian Museum and visiting The Great Pyramids & Sphinx of Giza.
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