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A Couples Bucket List

If you don't have a couple's bucket list, here's one!
Ready to get out there and spend some good old quality time together? You still have plenty of time for the two of you two plan your dream romantic holidays to match your vibe, whether it’s an adventurous or a relaxed holiday. 
We’ve compiled 6 couple’s retreat destinations in Tanzania and Kenya that you can add to your bucket list.

Just you and the beach in Aiyaina Resort and Spa, Pemba

This magical island which is part of Tanzania's Zanzibar Archipelago still remains uncharted. Spend 3 days serving your soul with a relaxing time at the spa and a deep in the deep blue ocean.
Package: From USD 1021* 2 nights 3 days

Smell the coffee in Utengule Coffee Lodge, Mbeya

Found in Southwest Tanzania, Mbeya is home to Kitulo National Park which some call it ‘Garden of God’. This national park is known for its colourful wildflowers and is one of the leading nature reserves in Africa. Spend 3 days enjoying nature walks to the Coffee Farm and tasting gourmet coffee with spectacular views across the Rift Valley.
Package: From USD 265* 2 nights 3 days

Lazing around the beach in Baobab Beach Resort and Spa, Diani 

Voted as Africa's leading beach destination for the fifth time running since 2015, Diani is located in the South of Mombasa, Kenya. Spend 5 days exploring the sparkling white sands and relaxing under a beach umbrella with a cold drink.
Package: From USD 300* 4 nights 5 days


Be one with nature in Ikuka Safari Camp, Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is now Tanzania's second-largest national park. Spend 3 days experiencing the dramatic Ruaha wilderness with stunning views across the Ruaha valley.
Package: From USD 1374* 2 nights 3 days

Wander around the wilderness in Pamoja Africa, Serengeti National Park

One among the top 5 top tourist destinations in Africa, the amazing Serengeti experience will leave you in awe. Spend 3 days wining, dining and stargazing under the Serengeti night skies.
Package: From USD 715* 2 nights 3 days

Enjoy a peaceful time in Kijani House, Lamu

As part of the Lamu Archipelago in Kenya, this small town still retains its heritage and Swahili traditional functions. Spend 5 days immersing yourself in its unique culture and surroundings.
Package: From USD 300* 4 nights 5 days

Have a relaxing weekend in Wag Hill, Mwanza 

Known for its unusual rock formation, Mwanza is located on the shore of Lake Victoria, in northern Tanzania. Spend 3 days taking in the lush green hills and breathtaking granite rock structures.
Package: From USD 172* 2 nights 3 days 

Spend some luxurious time in Isaraya Luxury over Water Villas, Zanzibar 

Known as Unguja in Swahili, Zanzibar is well known as a breathtaking destination to escape from the world. Spend 3 days creating memories by indulging in the culture, nature and an awesome time by the beach.
Package: From USD 1170* 2 nights 3 days