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Tips to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes during a Holiday

There’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking a bag full of wrinkled clothes. Even during a holiday, the most carefree time, looking like you’ve just woken up is not an appealing look. Instead of worrying about unwanted creases during a holiday, plan ahead!

Here are three tips to avoid wrinkled clothes when packing.

  1. Pack wrinkle-free clothes. Pack clothes whose fabric cannot and won’t wrinkle when folded. Unlike cotton and linen, synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are better clothes for travel.
  2. Learning to fold. How you pack your clothes prevents wrinkles. There are different folding methods that work to avoid wrinkled clothes but this also depends on the type of suitcase. The most proven method is the rolling method. The best thing about this method is not only that it prevents wrinkles but also helps maximize space in luggage. For the method to work, clothing must be rolled and tightly packed to avoid creases.
  3. Carry a travel iron. While no one likes ironing on holiday, you can invest in a travel iron or steamer if all else fails. Travel irons are easily stowed in any suitcase or bag. It's also portable, quick, and easy to use.

Your holiday look can be ruined by wrinkles. However, this can also be avoided when you unpack as soon as you check into your hotel. Spend 5 to 10 minutes before activating your holiday mode to unpack and hang your delicate clothes, and enjoy a wrinkle-free holiday.