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Bucket Shower & Tips to Improve Your Experience

We all know what a bucket list is, but how many of us know what a bucket shower on a camping safari is?  

Well, if you’re new to camping safaris and planning on doing one, then take note of this, as you will want to master the art of a bucket shower to get the most of the approximately 5 gallons of water you might get at an eco-friendly campsite. You may have the luxury of a nice bed, great food, warm blankets, even a hot water bottle, but the chance of getting loads of hot water after a dusty safari are minimal.  There is a great article on bucket showers on goafrica.about.com where someone has asked “How do you take a bucket shower?”.  
How Does a Bucket Shower Work? A bucket shower in most safari camps in Africa will utilize a waterproof bag or bucket which is attached to a pole with a pulley and rope. The bucket and pole is outside your tent, and will fill up a cistern or lead directly to a pipe and a showerhead that is inside a private bathing tent (often en suite in the more luxury camps). The bucket is lowered to the ground, filled with a couple gallons of hot water, and then hoisted up to the showerhead level. You can control the flow of your shower with an on/off faucet usually attached close to the showerhead.
When Can You Take a Shower?

The camp manager or staff will need about 5 minutes notice in general to get your hot water ready. It's best to take a daily shower after your last game drive, because you'll only get dusty again if you take one before that time. You'll generally hear the staff fill up your shower, or they'll give you a shout "shower ready".
How Much Water is there in a Bucket Shower?
A bucket shower will usually give you 10-15 liters or about 5 US gallons. If there are two of you using the same bucket, you'll have to be quite quick about your shower (see tips below on making the shower last longer). If you are traveling solo, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the hot water.
Handy Tips to Improve Your Bucket Shower Experience
• Always switch off your water while you shampoo or soap
• If you can, let the water out slowly, and not at full stream, it will last much longer.
• Water is scarce, try not to take more than one shower a day.
• If you find yourself getting cold with the water off, take a day time shower instead.
• The hot water is delivered to your bucket shower at the right temperature (you can't add cold) so don't wait too long to use it once it is delivered, or it will cool down.
• Always remember to switch the faucet/tap to "off" at the end of your shower, even with no water left, because otherwise your next load of hot water will simply pour straight out.
• Don't drink the shower water.
• Ask if the camp recycles any water you don't use. Some camps do this. If the camp does not recycle the unused water, then let it run out, or your next shower will be much cooler as the hot water mixes in with the cold left behind. Also, if water is scarce, elephants and other animals may drink your leftover water and are likely to destroy your shower
Source & Image: goafrica.about.com