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Couples Retreat Holiday

Imagine you and your significant other, being on an island with nothing more than the sound of birds chirping and waves breaking on the shore. 

With the demands of everyday life, finding time for each other can be difficult. We often forget to spend the much needed time with our partners, spending time with them without the distractions of children and re-igniting the love and passion you once shared.

Thus, couples retreat holidays are important and should be on your calendar. Romantic holidays should be planned at least twice a year to strengthen the bond and rediscover each other.

Need ideas on what to do? The following are three types of couple's retreat holidays;

Beach Day Out

Get your swimming gear out and spend some ‘We Time’ with your beau. Enjoy a nice swim in the ocean, walk hand in hand by the beachside and watch the sunset. 
Check out our South Coast Diani package. This package is perfect for a weekend getaway, to the south coast of Mombasa, just to unwind, take in the fresh air and get lost in paradise locking away your everyday stress.

A Safari Getaway

There’s nothing more beautiful than alone time in the wild. Plan your romantic safari holiday and enjoy the spectacle of nature. 
View our safari packages for Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Masai Mara in Kenya and Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda.

An Adventurous Escape

Do something out of your comfort zone. Try skydiving in Zanzibar, a hot air balloon in Serengeti or a quick city tour. For an activity such as a city tour, you don’t have to go far, you can start with the city you are in. Learn the history of the city, the culture and maybe a little shopping surprise along the way … wink! 
Click to read view our Kigali City Tour package.