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Hidden Gems To Visit In India

India remains one of the most popular travel destinations for people from around the globe. The food, culture, history and art make India the type of place that appeals to all different kinds of people. Like many countries, there are a few places in India that we all know of: the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple at Amritsar, the Backwaters of Kerala and the Beaches of Goa. But there are a few places that don’t have the same commercial appeal – check out these secret destinations to get a fresh glimpse of India that will leave you wanting more.

1. Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu

Seeing Mannar makes it hard to believe that it’s in India. The shallow bay forming part of the Laccadive Sea in the Indian Ocean is home to quiet beaches are a great place to relax and unwind. The clear waters of the bay are the perfect playground for dolphins, sea turtles, whales and more. Visit the Marine National Park to get a glimpse of a dazzling array of marine life including flora, fauna and the coral reef.

2. Shettihalli, Karnataka

Where the water flows through the Hemavathi River in the town of Shettihalli in southern Karnataka, an old chapel stands that will make you wonder if you’re in India at all. Standing immersed in the waters of the river, the Gothic-inspired architecture of the chapel is only partially visible from the shore. To experience the magic of the chapel, take a boat out to ride all the way around the chapel and experience the magical history of it all.

3. Patan, Gujarat

This ancient, fortified city was founded in 745 AD by the most prominent king of the Chavda Kingdom, Vanraj Chavda. It is home to Rani-ki vav (Queen’s step well), a beautiful sculptured monument built by Udaymati in memory of her husband Bhima. Rain-ki vav is the oldest and deepest of the stepwells amongst the 120 in Gujarat, and was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2014. Patan is also the place to see amazing sights like the Hemchandrachary Library, Jain Temples and Kalika Mataji Temple. 

4. Sijhu Caves, Meghalaya

The Sijhu Caves (or Sijhu Water Caves) are limestone caves carved by a grand river network within. This is India’s third longest cave network, and is located on the lateral side of the Simsang River near the Naphak Lake in Meghalaya. The mesmerizing framework of the stalagmites and stalactites create an ecological hub that house many different species of bats and insects, and is guaranteed to amaze even the most well-seasoned travellers.

5. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

The hamlet of Kasol in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is often called mini Israel of India due to the strong Jewish history and heritage in this location. Situated on the banks of the Parvati River, this is the place to go for a little outdoor adventure. Trekking, and rock climbing are popular tourist pass times. If you want a little downtime, you may find yourself simply lazing by the river. This is an amazing place leave the bustle of India’s big cities behind, and enjoy the nature that the country has to offer.