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Why Business Travellers Need A Travel Agent

With the whole world and all its amenities available at the click of a button or a swipe of your fingers, you might wonder why someone who travels frequently for business would still use the services of a travel agent. The answer is because working with a travel agent offers benefits that you likely won’t get when coordinating and booking your own travel. Here are some ways that travel agents help make life easier for business travellers:

1. Agents Have Greater Access

Travel agents have access to broader tools to support a business traveller with details of their trip. A travel agent will be able to handle the printing of tickets, look up whether any portion of the trip is delayed, whether your driver will be there for your pickup/landing and any points of warning related to your destination. Any hiccups on your trip are caught by your travel agent with their large access to information, and their team will work to resolve it.

2. Agents Get Discounts and Perks 

Business travel agents are often able to offer their clients discounts on flights, hotels, ground transportation and more. Corporate travel agents help thousands of people every year, and as a result, get access to volume discounts from hotels, airlines and more, passing those savings on to their business travellers. But discounts are just the beginning. Business travel agents can potentially get you seat upgrades on your flight, room upgrades at your hotel, restaurant vouchers, access to VIP lounges and premium ground transportation.

3. Travel Agents Have Inside Information

Years of experience give travel agents insider knowledge that you wouldn’t know or be able to access on your own. This includes things like when airfares will drop, or when an upgrade is worth the investment. Your corporate travel agent will also be able to handle any itinerary changes that come up, sometimes without the high fees of rebooking directly with the airline. Sometimes you need an extra day to close the deal or wrap up a meeting – your corporate travel agent can help ensure that your travel plans remain seamless at little or no cost to you.

4. Agents Help Handle Emergencies

Your corporate travel agent will act as an emergency contact for you. This is of huge benefit when you are travelling either domestically or abroad but don’t have any close family or friends in your destination, or if you are travelling to a place where you are not fluent in the language. In any situation where you might find yourself in the middle of upheaval in a foreign place – whether that upheaval is weather-related, political, social or you simply just lost your passport – you travel agent can help you at a moment’s notice wherever you are in the world. They will have contacts on the ground and be able to help you no matter the issue.

If you travel for business, your reason for travelling is what matters, not the travel itself. Focus your efforts on your business, and let a professional Corporate Travel Agent handle the rest.