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Explore the Southern Highlands with Avo House

Tanzania is well known for it is famous travel Destinations- the spectacular Serengeti, the stunning white beaches of Zanzibar, the mighty Kilimanjaro Mountain. These places flock with tourists, both local and international all year round. But there are many other places to explore and discover hidden treasures within Tanzania. And one such destination is the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and the region of Mbeya.

Just picture a view of the rolling hills of the majestic Kipengere range, also known as Livingstone Mountains and next to an ancient forest, keeping hidden secrets of times gone by. Avo House is a beautiful surprise which awaits you. 

We had a dream- to provide luxury accommodation in Mbeya, while providing an opportunity for different travellers to explore the Southern Highlands. Nestled quietly in a farm surrounded by thousands of avocado trees, Avo House is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday busy city life. Just 45 km from Tukuyu in Lukasi Village, you will get to experience tranquillity in a village setting and explore a variety of natural attractions nearby.

Close to the lodge, you will be able to visit crater lakes as well as waterfalls. Did you know, the region is rich in waterbodies, having around eight crater lakes- with the most famous one being Lake Ngozi, the second largest Crater Lake in Africa. For the more adventurous visitors, we challenge you to conquer Mt Rungwe, which sits at an altitude of 2,981 metres, making it the second highest peak in the Southern part of Tanzania.

If mountains and hiking is not for you, we can also take you to explore Lake Nyasa and enjoy a sunset cruise in the deep blue waters or to the Serengeti of flowers- Kitulo National Park, just at the other side of the mountain range.

We also had a dream-to preserve a long history of the Isyeto forest, an ancient place of worship where Chiefs interceded for the village in times of need. The forest still stands today, no tree is allowed to be cut, and no one-man nor livestock, is allowed to enter the forest- apart from the Chief’s ancestry. A brief walk around the surrounding village will let you in on the vibrant and friendly culture of the people surrounding our lodge.

Avo house is open all year round and we have four rooms available at full board basis. Our inhouse chef can whip up a variety of meal and as a constant, we will always have fresh avocados straight from our farm.

When we say Luxury accommodation, we mean it. We open our doors for you to relax, unwind and enjoy in the warmth and comfort of a home away from home. You just have to get here.