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Fashion and Travel

Hi there! *Chuckles* I am Chantal, and my vision of a better world is one where more ladies are empowered and living out their dreams. Travelling is the best method I have found to become the best, bravest version of me. 

Life is so wonderfully funny. Shanise (younger sister) and I coincidently ended up in one of the world’s most spectacular destinations simultaneously; Tanzania, Rwanda and Malaysia. And goodness, did it change everything…

Experiencing voyage life is a complete game changer for the soul and yes, even the way you approach your everyday style and beauty routine. Life becomes simplified and you instantly have a better understanding of who you are and where you are going.

Style truly is an amazing way to convey who you are and where you are. From colours and textures to fit and flow, effortless, minimal is the quickest way to make an impression.

The locals of Zanzibar in Africa (Tanzania) and many other parts of Africa are dominantly Muslim. As most travellers do, I suggest respecting their way of life with a completely open mind and heart. Africa is sweltering however, at times we may be tempted to wear crop tops and daisy dukes, but dressing on the conservative side (covered shoulders, knees and no bare midriff) is truly no sacrifice to make if you wear something lightweight. 

Ditch neutrals, whites and blacks; there is nothing less than vivacious and colourful in Africa.


Travelling just got more stylish with a collection of neck pillows. Whether you are going around the globe or just next door, they are perfect for expressing your vibrant side while travelling at any time of the year. Neck pillows are an essential accessory for most travelers. Even if you are not much of a traveller, these pillows are generally perfect for sleeping in the upright position whether you are sitting on a chair or in bed.


Clothing and accessories are well cemented within the Tanzanian fashion industry. The country holds an incredible amount of creative talent and there is always something new and fresh out there. Despite our beautiful white sandy beaches, various water bodies and beautiful weather. Not many designers have ventured into the swimwear arena, until now. The swimwear serves as a celebration of African heritage through the combination of bold colours, prints and latest fabrics to create modern designs influenced by emerging international trends.


With the rise of African style and ethnic fashion, African fabrics transform all wardrobes. When it comes to customised kitenge shoes, this is the new trendy fashion to have at home, to give yourself an unusual and fabulous look. Coloured, rare, chic, geometric, shoes in wax will sublimate your feet. Kitenge high heels and sneakers will seduce you, as they will lengthen the size of your legs. And it is very sexy.


Turbans have been around for centuries, first as a symbol of religion but more recently as a fashion statement. Especially, celebrities and fashionistas adopted the turban as a fashion statement, adding jewellery and other accessories to lend it a modern flair. A number of designers started displaying fashionable turbans of different colours, sizes and shapes in their boutique stores. In spite of that I came up with a creative mind that is, making the pleated African turbans by mixing international trends and traditional clothing with any splash of African print fabric colours through sewing it with a sewing machine.

image credit: https://unsplash.com/@fameofgodstudios_1