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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda: Once in a Lifetime Experience

If you have swum with dolphins, climbed mountains, and experienced safari adventures, but are still seeking more, Gorilla trekking in East Africa offers a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Did you know you can still get gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda at a discounted rate?

The special promotion is extended until 31st December 2023. East African citizens can get permits for $200, African citizens for $500, African foreign residents for $500 and residents for $500.

East African citizens only need to present a copy of their National ID or passport and an African passport for African citizens. African Foreign residents will need to provide proof of residence of at least 6 months and a valid residence or diplomatic card, or Visa that is valid for a minimum of 4 consecutive months for residents.

There is no better time of year to go gorilla trekking than February... the weather is perfect! It's also the month of love, which is even better.

You and your loved one can spend Valentine’s trekking, learning and getting up close to thes fascinating primates.