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3 Safari Holiday Myths, Busted!

Safari holidays are adventurous and exciting. The prospect of seeing the big 5 and being wowed by the wilderness is exhilarating.
Of course, such scenarios come with their myths, and most believing that it’s true.
Here are 3 safari holiday myths that we are busting!

Safaris are too pricey

There are many types of safari holidays. From a budget to a luxurious safari. There are several packages you can choose from that suit your budget. Should you also need a custom safari itinerary, that can also be planned. So which safari do you prefer? 

There is the best season to book a safari

Every safari season has its own unique experience. There is no doubt that the dry season is better than the wet one, but this depends on what you want out of your safari holiday. 

Khaki is the way to go

A safari holiday is booked and now you are panicking about what to wear because you don’t have a khaki outfit?
A safari holiday needs you to pack anything comfortable that will allow your skin to breathe. However, the colours have to blend with the environment. Anything beige, green and brown works just fine. Of course, khaki makes your life easy!
The only cardinal rule is to avoid dark blue and black in the wilderness as it attracts Tse Tse flies.

So, are you thinking of a safari holiday but certain myths are holding you back? 
Let us help you answer all your questions about a safari holiday. You can head on to our special deals page and view the safari packages we have to offer and choose the perfect one for your travel style and budget.