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Let’s Explore Comoro Islands!

There is no doubt that the Comoro Islands remain one of the most fascinating islands off the East African coast. Why is there such a fascination?
The Comoro Islands is an archipelago forming four main islands; Ngazidja also known as Grande Comore, (also known as Grande Comore), Ndzuwani (also known as Anjouan), Mwali (also known as Mohéli) and Mayotte (also known as Maore).
The volcanic islands of the Comorian archipelago are also known as the "perfumed islands" due to their fragrant plant life and breathtaking scenery.
Ngazidja is the largest of the Union of the Comoros with its capital Moroni.

So, what can you do in Comoro?
With our Comoros Essentials package, land in Moroni and experience a walking tour of the old stone town, exploring its architecture. Take a walk down the markets and learn about the local goldsmiths, smell some fresh spices and taste fresh-caught seafood.
It doesn’t end there. Explore the pristine island of Moheli and all it has to offer. Moheli is the smallest of the four islands and a UNESCO biosphere.
Have an adventure. Get on an expedition to Karthala. Enjoy a thrilling trek to the top of Mt Karthala, the active volcano towering over the island.