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Masai Mara experience at the Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp

Blogged by: Sajnee Shah

A weekend away in Masai Mara is always exciting and each time a surreal experience. My two night stay in the Mara last weekend were filled with lots of fun activities, game drives and enjoying the panoramic views from our luxurious tent at the Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp.

Our drive to the campsite from Nairobi was between five to six hours throught the beautiful countryside and Rift Valley in a 4WD, to make the drive a comfortable one. The drive may feel long, but it's definitely worth it once you are in the Mara and your focus shifts to the wildlife.

The Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp is set on a private concession, lies along the Sabaringo River on the edge of the Oloololo escarpment and looks out onto the plains of the Masai Mara. The tents are spacious, modern and you get to wake up to the most beautiful views overlooking the Mara. What more could you ask for? However, my favourite place was the swimming pool, situated right next to the Mara plains, where you can see the zebras up close.

Being in Mara for the first time, I looked forward to our second day of the trip with much anticipation as it was going to be a full day game drive. Seperate morning and evening game drives are also offered, as the break in between gives you time to relax and enjoy other facilities at the hotel/lodge.

As we set off for our game drive I obviously wished to see the Big Five, but unfortunately, it wasn’t my lucky day as I only got to see three of the five; elephants, cheetahs and lions and who can complain. Besides trying to spot and look out for the Big Five I got to see gazillion wildebeest, zebras, a few giraffes, antelope families and different bird species. The migration has begun (refer to our migration post here for more info) hence the reason for many wildebeest and zebras across the Mara. We carried packed lunches and had a picnic inside the park.

As I mentioned earlier a 4WD is better and this applies to the game drives as well. You get a better view from the land cruiser and we were lucky to use the lodge’s vehicles that had an open view on both sides. The highlight of the game drive was definitely getting to see the lions, which are my personal favourite, as I feel a game drive is incomplete without seeing them. Our driver/guide was very knowledgeable, patient and tried his best to ensure we got to see all the game.

After an amazing day in the Mara with all the game, there was a sundowner with a Masai dance. The sundowner included a bonfire and a selection of drinks and food you can binge on as you watch the sun set over the Mara. A great experience for couples and families. The last day of my stay ended on a great note with a bush breakfast. An omelet station was set up in the bush and hot breakfast was served. I highly recommend the bush breakfast to all travelers.

Overall, my Masai Mara getaway was incredible and I am already planning another trip and hoping to tick off the Big Five from my bucket list. There are many other activities you can look into when in the Mara, such as visiting the Masai Village or maybe even a balloon safari adventure. You can get in touch with us at sales@rickshawtravels.com to book your trip or have a look at our exciting safari packages under our holiday deals.