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Must Taste Street Foods in East Africa

The best way to know any destination is through its food culture. How delicious is that?
East Africa has unique flavours across its regions. With each country having its own different cuisine influences, from Arabic and Indian to African taste, you can’t visit Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania without trying out their popular street foods.


Get the taste of both sides of Kenya; the spice from the coast and rich taste on the mainland. Ugali (made with maize flour) is a national accompaniment to nyama choma (grilled meat) and one of the popular vegetables sukuma wiki (collard greens). 
Like Ugali, Mokimo is also another staple. The dish comprises a wide variety of ingredients, including potatoes, greens, corn or beans mashed together. This side dish goes well with stew and nyama choma. 


A modern twist on the traditional omelette, chips mayai (chips and eggs) is one of the popular street food in Tanzania. Also known as chips zege, this delicious dish is mix of fries and eggs and to be more playful, you can throw in vegetables such as carrots and onions to the mix.


When craving for a quick and filling snack in Uganda, look no further than Rolex! 
While there are many varieties of Rolex, one basic version is an omelette and a mix of a variety of vegetables rolled in a chapati (flat bread). Most consume this dish at breakfast, but it can be eaten at any time of the day. 
The name Rolex was coined from the delicacy's core ingredients; the rolled eggs which can be spelt ‘Rolled Eggx’, simplified into ROLEX. 
Fun fact: Every year, chefs in Uganda come together to celebrate this beloved dish in the festival named after it; The Rolex Festival.

The culinary experience is one of the best ways to enjoy a travel experience. The next time you are in Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda, be sure to ask for a plate of these delicious popular dishes.