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Bring Joy to Seniors Citizens this Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday embodies more than just festive decorations and sumptuous meals; it serves as an important reminder to embrace the spirit of giving and extend goodwill to those who may be less fortunate.

In the spirit of the season, Rickshaw Travels Group has partnered with the Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation to bring cheer to senior citizens facing resource constraints and the harsh realities of poverty.
As the Christmas holiday approaches, it's time to consider gift purchases for your loved ones. What better way to celebrate the season than by choosing gifts that make a meaningful impact?

An ethical gift is more than just a material possession; it symbolises a beacon of hope and positive change. This year, consider exchanging traditional gifts for ones that will bring holiday magic to the elderly residents of Dar es Salaam. 

Participating in this initiative is simple.

  1. Visit Our Offices:
  2. At all our offices, Christmas trees will be adorned with gift-card ornaments, each suggesting a recommended monetary value.
  3. Select any of these ornament cards.
  4. Contribute to the specified monetary amount.

Your generous gifts will contribute to a fund that will be utilised to purchase essential items such as food, which will then be distributed to the elderly by dedicated volunteers from Rickshaw Travels.
Join us in spreading love and cheer to the senior citizens of our community this Christmas. Your participation will make a meaningful difference in their lives during this festive season.