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Spotlight on Canada

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday on July 1 which means you get to parktake in various birthday celebrations that will take place throughout the year.  That’s one reason to come to Canada and the other being that Lonely Plant has voted Canada as one of the Top 10 countries to visit this year.

There are so many reasons to visit Canada, especially in the summer which is from June to September, but springtime in May can also be a very pleasant time to visit. The weather is crisp and getting warmer, although weather patterns are not quite like what they used to be and perhaps climate change has something to do with that.

Canada is a land of unsurpassed beauty; from its mountains and glaciers in the west to its forests and lakes all over, and the varied coastline of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in the East. In fact, Canada was voted the second-best country to live in, second year in a row.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Canada when outdoor activities are in full swing as everyone enjoys the warm weather, which in turn brings the summer festivals and an influx of tourists. 

Canada is a multi-cultural country with many cosmopolitan cities; it is clean, safe and also very friendly. It has an amazing network of roads and highways which you can take from east to west which spans some 5,780 miles. Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, has more lake area than every other country in the world, has the world’s longest coastline, has 10% of the world’s forests and it also has National Parks that are bigger than most other countries. Is that not reason enough for you to visit? In honour of the 150th anniversary, all entry fees into the National Parks has been waived.

Some summer vacation ideas are perhaps a shopping trip to Toronto, a visit to Niagara Falls, a scenic train ride though the Rockie mountains or whale watching in either Quebec, British Columbia or Nova Scotia. These same places have some of the finest hiking trails and camping sites as well.

There ae a slew of beautiful lakes and parks – where you can kayak, boat, fish or just enjoy the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. If you’re a golfer, then Canada has some of the most beautiful golf courses as well.

Because Canada is such a multi-cultural country, the variety of cuisines is exceptional. You can enjoy almost any kind of dish your heart desires, especially in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, to name a few. Scrumptious seafood can be enjoyed along the Atlantic Coast, which is also one of the best places in the world to view icebergs floating along the Atlantic.

So, no matter what you’re interested in doing while in Canada, Canada has it all.