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Things to do in Rwanda in a Day - Part 2

Hope you had a chance to gaze at the places in Rwanda which we featured in our previous article; https://rickshawtravels.com/about/articledetails/Things-to-do-in-Rwanda-in-a-Day---Part-1/336

The list doesn’t wind up there! Longing tourists look no further and discover the rest...

Banana Juice Making: Duration of trip is 9 hours roughly. The bananas are harvested green and artificially ripened. One method is by putting them in a shallow pit in the ground and covering them with banana leaves and soil to generate enough heat to accelerate ripening. Another is to arrange the fruits on a wooden rack placed over a cooking hearth. The fruits are covered to avoid desiccation during smoking, a process that typically takes 6 days and from which they emerge yellow. The bananas are peeled and put in a brewing vessel, such as the traditional canoe shaped one. Spear grass, such as Imperata cylindrical, is used to knead the bananas until a clear juice is extracted.


Traditional Dancing and Drumming: Duration of trip is 5 hours approximately. On top of learning you’ll have fun during these practices and share a bit of the history of Rwandan dance. Starting the traditional dancing and drumming practices, welcoming songs and drumming will be done to make you feel welcome. Rwanda traditional dance and drumming practices doesn’t require a professional in it, it’s all about giving it a try. The traditional dancing and drumming practices (Intore) are highly choreographed routine consisting of three components the ballet, performed by women; the dance of heroes, performed by men, and the drums. Traditionally, music is transmitted orally with styles varying between the social groups. Drums are of great importance, the royal drummers having enjoyed high status within it.  After a little practice you’ll test out your moves in a performance led by your instructors.


Crafting Workshop Experiences: Duration of trip is about 4 hours. Handicraft sector is a small yet growing sector in Rwanda. The country boasts of a very rich cultural heritage and handicrafts are very unique and have an originality of their own. They’re available on a variety of online sites and from the local markets as well. Rwandans make an extensive range of handicrafts which include: wood products; ceramics and pottery; hand textiles and hand-loomed products; embroidery and woven products, basketry and mats. There has never been a better time to get out there and host craft workshops. More and more people in Rwanda are looking to craft as a way to occupy their hands and calm their busy minds away from the distraction of technology. Learning a new skill especially one that involves creating something with your hands can be very therapeutic and enriching.

Specialty Coffee Master Class: Duration of trip is 2 hours roughly. Celebrated as a star in the specialty coffee world, Rwandan coffee boasts delicate flavours sought after by connoisseurs around the globe. Here in the heart of coffee country we invite you to learn how Rwanda’s world class coffee is harvested, evaluated, roasted, and served. Immersive, one of a kind coffee experience, they offer an amazing master class of the coffee supply chain that doesn't require taking a step beyond the cafe. Class guests will be taken through a short coffee history lesson, harvest cherries from the trees in the garden, taste coffee from all over Rwanda, and create their own custom blend.

Pfunda Tea Factory Visit: Duration of trip is 12 hours approximately. Tea in Rwanda is grown on the volcanic regions in the country where the climate and fertile soils together make the most ideal surrounding for the tea to grow like those from Pfunda Tea Factory. Rwanda tea is characterised by its rich and bold flavour. When the tea is harvested from different plantations, tea leaves are processed in tea factories that are spread across the country. After tea leaves are processed, the finished product is distributed across the country for local consumption and the bigger percentage exported to other countries. Pfunda Tea Factory is the one you visit on your tea tour to give you a chance to discover and learn more about the richness in Rwanda tea, its harvesting and processing of course with an opportunity to taste this unique and rich tea.

Fazenda Sengha – Outdoor & Light Adventure Activity: Duration of trip is approximately 6 hours. Here you can enjoy trail rides, horseback riding, zipline, badminton, archery, and barbecuing. On the outskirts of Kigali, this outdoor and recreational center offers a range of exciting activities and chances to enjoy nature. Special rates may be available for groups, as well as for teambuilding events, school trips, birthday parties, family gatherings, weddings, corporate events, and others.


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