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What To Know About Real Estate in Zanzibar?

Nestled a few miles off the coast of Tanzania, the Zanzibar Archipelago is recognized among some of the best countries in terms of tourism and investment in the Indian Ocean today.

Famous for its historical feel, booming flora and fauna, and abundance of resources, Zanzibar boasts a unique atmosphere where the modern and the authentic cohabit side by side. Much more than just an idyllic tourist destination, the ‘Spice Island’ brings together the best of traditional Zanzibari customs and new-age advancements making it an undeniably worthy spot to settle or invest.

About Real Estate in Zanzibar

While your first thought when hearing ´real estate in Zanzibar´ might be the old traditional houses and mansions of Stone Town, the island now offers properties for all tastes and styles. From typical historical architecture to brand new state-of-the-art villas, condos and apartments, buyers have the opportunity to choose the home which best suits their liking.

The ‘Spice Island’ has a very special policy concerning the ownership and lease of property across its land. One thing to bear in mind when looking to buy real estate in Zanzibar is that you are actually purchasing the right to the land and not the land itself. The law technically stipulates that all land in the country is owned by the Tanzanian government but interested parties can occupy plots or houses based on the guidelines of long term leases or the Condominium Act. Property in Zanzibar is usually sold with a 99 year lease to be renewed in 33 year phases.

Why Zanzibar?

Cultural and Ethnical Diversity
A real melting pot of culture, the Zanzibar experience originates from a mix of African, Asian and European backgrounds. In ancient times, Zanzibar was once a significant staging post for explorers, as well as a trading centre for spices and slaves in the Indian Ocean. The spice trade brought about the visit of Arabian merchants which instated the Islamic religion and customs among the locals. Much like other islands in the Indian Ocean, its culture has also been deeply influenced by the presence of the Portuguese and British settlers which took turns in power and occupied the land.

This mix and match of cultures and ethnicities can still be deeply felt in the architecture, cuisine and customs of this unique country. Cohabiting in harmony, the different origins join forces to offer the best and most interesting parts of their traditions to this beautiful island. Take a stroll through the market of Stone Town and appreciate the vibrant colors of the local’s traditional garments, the mouthwatering scent of spices and fresh fruits and the magical atmosphere of an island lost in time. 

Safe and Stable Environment
Despite a rather turbulent history, Zanzibar is now a politically, socially and economically stable country. The island takes pride in following in the footsteps of its homeland, Tanzania, which remains among the most stable and peaceful countries in Africa. If you are wondering if Zanzibar is safe to visit or live in, then rest assured. Tourists and investors alike are warmly welcomed among the locals as most of the country’s economy relies on these two pillars to prosper.
Paradise Island
With its pristine white beaches, turquoise ocean and thriving fauna and flora, the beauty of Zanzibar is utterly undeniable. Prized as one of the best tourist destinations in the Indian Ocean, living on the island and enjoying its wonders is a definitive plus of investing in property there. Whether you are enjoying the picturesque view of the oceanfront on a sunny day, visiting one of the many attractions offered on the island, or performing some daily tasks, you are sure to be seduced by this paradise island.
Zanzibar offers a plethora of adventures to discover whether as a tourist or resident. Day trips to Prison Island, the Jozani Forest nature reserve or visits to the Butterfly Centre are some of the attractions which you can get the chance to witness during your time on the island. While it has been said that the Zanzibar beaches give an almost Caribbean feel, taking a stroll through Stone Town and getting to know the locals will undeniably give you this unique African atmosphere.

Investment Facilities
In its effort to boost the country, Zanzibar has attracted over 700 investment projects to inject foreign currency into the economy, generate employment and provide its citizens with quality infrastructure and services. The government has recently reviewed its policies and laws, as well as set up a one-stop-centre for investors as part of its tactics to improve the investment climate and attract new assets.
Investment facilities have thus been implemented to help attract potential investors to the country. Investors interested in real estate in Zanzibar can now benefit from residency permits allowing them to live in Zanzibar as non-citizens. 

Plethora of Options
Recent projects along the western coast of Zanzibar have given birth to a wide range of residential and commercial options for people looking to invest. Whether you are in search of a new home to settle in or a quality spot to grow your business, the booming development in the region offers multiple alternatives. Real estate in Zanzibar is at its peak.

With the famous Chumba Island nature reserve just a few miles of its shore, Fumba Town is a collection of state-of-the-art residential houses, villas and apartments built on sustainable infrastructure. Built-in a community-style, these contemporary condos and neighbourhoods offer commercial, educational and recreational facilities to their community members.

A New Lifestyle
A new way of living, Fumba Town brings a modern and cosmopolitan twist to the Zanzibari customs and way of life. Encompassing the constant view of the ocean, the refreshing proximity of parks and green belts incorporated inside the village and the contemporary aesthetic of these luxury residences, Fumba ensures that sustainable living is now an entirely achievable dream.