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Your Travel Agent Is A Hidden Gem

We all know that travel agents can help find us deals we wouldn’t know about otherwise, and that they have access to resources that the rest of us may not. We can use our travel agents to get upgraded hotel rooms and better airline seats. Travel agents are easy and convenient – like a one-stop shop for all our travel needs.
But the world is not the same as it was 20 years ago. We needed our travel agents for all those things before, but there are new reasons to book your travel with an agent. Here are just a few:
  • They Can Help When Nature Strikes
    Natural disasters and other system failures are becoming more common and can upend your travel plans in a pinch. But the access and knowledge of your travel agent can get you re-booked when you need and help advocate for you if problems arise. If weather requires you to change your plans, one call to your travel agent can have your flights changed, your hotel changed, or even your destination changed. When nature strikes, the travel agent will do the work for you.
  • Your Time Is Valuable
    If your vacation goes awry, you don’t get a do-over. You don’t get another two weeks off work because the hotel wasn’t as it seemed online or you got bumped from your flight. Your travel agent is an invaluable resource because they listen, suggest, adjust and understand. They know your time is precious, so they will do the work to make sure your vacation is problem-free. Your travel agent takes care of all the details so you can just enjoy your trip.
  • Trip Planning Is Getting More Complicated
    Most people aren’t travelling alone – they are going with their spouses, their kids, and sometimes even their parents or extended family or friends. The more people – and more generations – you add to a trip, the more complicated it is to plan. Making sure that flight times, hotel amenities and excursion activities are going to be suitable for everyone can take a lot of time and research, with no guarantees that what you’re reading online is the actually how it will go. A travel agent is adept at planning these types of adventures for all ages, and your agent will make sure that the trip is fun for your whole family.
  • Pay Less Money, Get More Value
    Even though you pay a fee to your travel agent, the benefit you get can far outweighs the cost. The money saved isn’t just in the time, stress and energy it takes to book flights, accommodations and excursions for the whole family, it’s also the time it takes to research options and choose the best one. And there is a good chance that your travel agent knows about special deals and promotions that you simply don’t have access to. Furthermore, your agent will make suggestions based on your needs and wants to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • They Simply Know More
    Your travel agent knows travel. They know the hotel rooms with the best views, they know when a guided tour is needed or when a solo expedition is better. They know which paths you should follow, and which roads less travelled offer excitement. They know what’s important to you, and can guide you in your trip planning to make sure your trip is exactly what you want. Your travel agent’s experience and expertise can make all the difference between an okay trip and the trip of a lifetime.