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SWISS operated by Edelweiss, to link Switzerland and Europe to Tanzania

Starting from October 8th 2021, Edelweiss will connect Switzerland and Europe to the three
Tanzanian International Airports: Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. Schedules are optimized in
order for travelers to reach their final holiday destination, in Tanzania.

SWISS flight # From To Arrival Departure Day
LX8076 Zurich Kilimanjaro 22:30 07:40+1 5
LX8076 Kilimanjaro Zanzibar 9:10 10:15 6
LX8076 Zanzibar Zurich 11:30 19:30 6
LX8078 Zurich Kilimanjaro 22:30 07:40+1 2
LX8078 Kilimanjaro Dar es Salaam 9:10 10:35 3
LX8078 Dar es Salaam Zurich 11:35 19:30 3

Source: https://www.flyedelweiss.com/EN/destinations/Pages/destinations.aspx?query=tanzania