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Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation

Rickshaw Travels is honored to support the Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation, a registered non-profit, non-government organization in Tanzania Mainland.  Its main objective is to help our vulnerable senior citizens by providing them food and clothing. On May 20, 2012, the foundation organized a fundraising event at Diamond Jubilee Hall to celebrate their 2ndanniversary.  This event helped create greater awareness of the Foundation’s current and future projects.  One such future project is the construction of a home for the elderly to allow them to live the rest of their lives in  dignity.  A noble cause indeed.

Tushikamane Pamoja Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was registered on May 17th 2010 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The organisation was founded to address the lack of resources that is endemic within communities affected by poverty. The Foundation works to confront these discrepancies by working to gather household items to distribute to under resourced communities. 

The Foundation welcomes the participation of new members and also encourages people to join them as volunteers in the various projects.  Please join us in supporting their very worthwhile causes.  

The Foundation is composed of a small group of founding and general members, who work collaboratively in tasks that include fundraising and increasing social awareness about communities that require assistance.

Their ongoing fundraising efforts currently are two fold.  One is to raise money to feed the very needy elderly, who at the moment are unable to access quality food to sustain themselves. Secondly, as mentioned above, the Foundation wants to construct a home for the elderly to allow them to live the last years of their life in dignity.  Generous donors have already pledged large sums of money, but it's a far cry from the Sh. 217 million that they need to raise.  Your contributions can help in closing this gap.  

Rickshaw is a proud supporter of the many causes of the Foundation.  Please visit their website and see how you can contribute. http://tushikamane.or.tz/