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Keith Mildenberger
Tanzania Safari

After several attempts to schedule a tour using other companies and services, we, quite by accident, walked into the Rickshaw office in Dar es Salaam.  Jennifer answered the questions we did not even know we had.  She arranged all aspects of our trip efficiently.

Our driver/guide Richard was outstanding. His knowledge and demeanor were superb. All tours and travel were executed safely and on time. He really made the difference in our trip. The quality and value of the service would be hard to find in my home country, let alone in Africa.

Thank you for everything.

David Muturi
Kenya Safari

The trip was fantastic. The travel agent - Illiyuna as well as the driver - Jamal were professional and excellent. The safari was competitively priced and we enjoyed ourselves. The vehicle was also in perfect condition and ideal for the rough terrain of the Mara. Keep it up Rickshaw Tours.

Clara & John

Hi Naz:

We were very pleased with the safari particularly with such a dedicated guide/driver (Godfrey) who made the experience very informative and enjoyable. As regards the accommodations, they were good overall; although we might have preferred a few more tented accommodations. We enjoyed Rhotia very much as well as Kati Kati, a great 'camping' experience, while Ndutu was a bit more 'touristy' than we expected. We might have preferred more tented facilities throughout the safari. 

Thank you very much for all your good advice and organization, so that everything worked smoothly and efficiently.

Best regards,

Clara & John

Levi Dias
Kenya Safari

Rickshaw Travels has made our 5-day Safari holiday to Kenya a very memorable experience with their tailor made holiday package which was meticulously arranged and organised to suit our requirement. Thanks to the very cooperative and accommodating travel consultant, Ms. Illiyuna. She and her team added a personal touch to our holiday itinerary. Also we were provided with an excellent tour guide, Johnson Munyiri who was very knowledgeable, flexible and enthusiatic. He has a fantastic eye for spotting animals in their natural habitat. Overall it has been a very satisfying and a great experience. Surely we will visit Kenya again and no doubt it will again be through Rickshaw Travels

Zanzibar and Tanzania

We had an unforgettably wonderful safari and a stay in Zanzibar.  Our experience exceeded expectations in every way and this magical vacation will be a long-cherished memory.

Esther and Jane, Nairobi

Esther and I had a great trip to UAE. We really appreciate the arrangements and prompt responses during the planning process.The itinerary was great. The tour guide (forgotten the name) who took us to the tour of Dubai city was great and communicative and explained in details the history of UAE upto its modern status. The rest of the tour guides kept time but needs to be more engaging- or was it the language barrier? Great overall experience!

Emily Teitsworth
Masai Mara

I highly recommend working with Rickshaw Safaris Canada to book your safari experience. I found their team to be responsive and helpful, and their prices are very reasonable in comparison with other safari companies in East Africa. Our safari in Kenya was a highly memorable experience on a budget, that still managed to feel personalized and luxurious.

Elizabeth Ayao

Hi Lavina & Sajid
We would like to really thank you and strongly commend you for your service and your assistance during our planning for our vacation to Thailand; your selection of hotels and tour places was absolutely spot on, could not have been better.
We had an awesome and great time in Pattaya and Bangkok. Your partner travel agent there, Red Apple, was amazingly hospitable and accommodative, special mention to Kiwi and Wan (Red Apple tour guides), please pass on our appreciation, we are so grateful.
As you know Sam and I normally have a vacation every year and most of them you have been planning for us and where as we have had a great time in all the vacations we have had in the past, but i must say that this time around the experience we have had is absolutely next to none. It goes without saying that a repeat is a must....
Thank you very much for your service and we will obviously, with no doubt, recommend you to all our friends.
Elizabeth Ayao

Al Karim Manji

Rickshaw recently organized our tour to Uganda, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Our accommodations and transfers were all excellent, and the choice of resort in Zanzibar was exceptional. The fact that we were able to coordinate our trip through their offices in Canada made the process very simple and painless. We would definitely use the services of Rickshaw Travels in the future.

Malick & Lauren, Geneva
Tanzania Safari

Dear Andrea!
I have just come back and landed in Switzerland. Safely but sadly because it's cold and above all i already miss Tanzania. 
Would like to sincerely thank you for your patience, organisation and profesionalism. 
Nothing wrong had happened, just pure incredible trip in the happiness and the beauty of this kind of travel.
This has been possible by your work and your understanding. So i would like again to thank you very much.
For the details, all the lodges, the drivers, the food and the safari, were just exceptional. I am stil trying to find any issue but i cant find it :-)
I wild recommend you or the angency whenever people would ask me.
Wishing you again a happy new year and be safe.
Regards from Geneva
Malick & Lauren