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SUV - Rate with VAT USD 300

Foreigner - USD 95 per person

From USD   395* | from £ 0 288.35*

per person

Activity – Any day of the week! 
Adults and children can visit.
Young children under 5: visit for free!  
Groups of 10 or more are eligible for a group discount
This Experience starts from Azizi Life’s office & boutique in Muhanga Town (about a one-hour drive from Kigali). 

Pick up from Kigali Hotel Lobby: 6;45 am

Take a step back in time to learn and taste coffee picked, washed, roasted and ground by hand.  The Azizi Life Experience morning begins with a drive to a nearby village, where you and your Azizi Life facilitator will be welcomed by the ladies of the cooperative.

After introductions from your hostess, you help out in the kitchen to get lunch underway.  Then it is off to the field to check on the coffee plants and harvest some of the cherries.  Once collected, the cherries will need to be washed before removing the pulp, so it’s off down into the valley to collect the water.

At noontime, you’ll share a simple local meal with your host family, with plenty of time to chat and learn about each other’s lives. After lunch, it’s time to roast, grind and sieve the beans, before they can be turned into the perfect cup of traditional Rwandan coffee. You will love working with the ladies as you work, and we can assure you will also be laughing together.

The day finishes back at the Azizi Life office, with a cold Fanta and a chance to think back over the highlights of the day. There you can browse through some of the beautiful crafts made by the Azizi Life artisans and do a little fair trade shopping.

Welcome & Introduction at the Azizi Life office in Muhanga.

Depart Azizi Life.

Arrive in your rural host community.
Welcome by the cooperative.

Go to the family home of your host, share introductions, and add a bit of local dress to your attire.

Help with preparation of your lunchtime meal.

Go to coffee fields for weeding and harvesting of the coffee cherries.

Fetching water from the valley spring. (You can choose to help with food preparation instead.)

Wash and pulp coffee beans and lay those out to dry in the sun.

Lunch:  The artisans will serve a cooked vegetarian meal typical for local families, such as cassava and beans.
This is a good time to ask your hosts about life in their community.  They may have questions for you too about life in your home country.

Hand roast and grind dried coffee beans using traditional tools. Once ground, the coffee is sieved to get the fine grounds to use for your cup of coffee.

Prepare your own cup of traditional Rwandan coffee, and enjoy sharing a coffee break with your hosts.

Farewell & Departure from your host community.

Arrive back at Azizi Life Muhanga to share a Fanta (or more of your coffee) and take the opportunity to reflect on your Experience.

Finally, there will be opportunity to peruse all of the beautiful, handcrafted goods on offer from our artisan partners- including your hostesses!  This is a wonderful way to gather gifts and souvenirs which you can be confident are fair trade and making an impact.


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