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Summer Time in Europe!

It’s time to find an adventure down European street… 
With our fixed departure packages, we now have special holiday packages to Europe with compiled itineraries for you to choose from. 
So where in Europe would you like to explore?

Fusion Europe 

This is a compact package that takes you around Europe. For 11 days, you’ll visit France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.
You'll enjoy a guided tour of Rome and Vatican City, take a private boat to Venice, and see the most talked-about attractions in Europe.
This itinerary will surely leave you with pleasant memories of the Europe tour, to treasure for a lifetime.
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Sensational Europe with Cruise

This package lets you see Europe in more ways by flying, driving, and cruising!
For 17 days, you'll tour Paris, France, spend the night in Brussels, Belgium, do excursions in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland, visit Bergisel in Austria and top it off by embarking on a Costa Mediterranean Cruise from Savona, Italy.
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Europe for All

Discover some of Europe's most beautiful sights with this package from Zurich, Switzerland to Paris, France.
On this eight-day tour, you will travel in the world's first rotating cable car, Rotair, visit an exciting suspension bridge called Cliff Walk, take a scenic river cruise on River Rhine and ride breathtaking rollercoasters at Disneyland Land.
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